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How to Remain Positive When the Outcome Doesn’t Look Good

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By Rosina S Khan 

You probably find yourself in debts or your team at work is not progressing well or you have an ailing parent with whom you have to spend majority of your time. What do you do in these cases? How do you remain positive when things look so bleak? Read on for highlights.

First of all, silently say to yourself: This too shall pass and gain strength from these very words.

Surround yourself with positive, empathetic people and share your sorrows with them. Their words of comfort will do you a lot of good.

Take a few moments to reflect on a completely different matter. It may be a fun activity you experienced the last week or a funny movie that you watched. Then come back to your real world. You are in a better position to deal with what lies ahead.

Say a small prayer with effective words and direct it to the Universe. Help will arrive soon since your prayer is sincere and the Universe heard your pleas of help.

Go through a motivational quotes book and see which ones resonate with you in your current situation. Highlight with a marker those quotes and play with them in your mind. Instantly get a dose of inspiration.

Take any tiny action towards your unfavorable outcome and confront it boldly. Just do as much as your feet would carry for the day. Tomorrow is another day when you can take a few more steps. You will reach a solution eventually in the slow and steady mode.

If you are completely at a deadend, consult a professional reputable coach. She may be the beacon of hope in your difficult times.

Everybody on this planet hits low points at some time or the other. You need to pull yourself together and be strong.

The rest will fall into pace. It is important that you keep yourself integrated and in control. Moments like these are hard to cope but bearing with them shows strength and brevity of your character and personality. In fact, you set an example for others and become a role model.

Everything I talked about so far will help you stay positive no matter how grave your situation is. Try the tips and see which ones work best for you and work on them accordingly. Did this article help to lift your spirits? If it didn’t, I honestly don’t know what can.

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